Transparency needed regarding Father Winslow

Father Patrick Winslow, the newly announced Chancellor of the Charlotte Diocese, founded a side business in 2012. It's called Ars Coeli. It is not clear as to what was/is his level of involvement.

I hope that the Diocese will reveal the extent of its dealings with Ars Coeli and the amount of money it's paid to Ars Coeli since it was founded. The artist's portfolio on the Ars Coeli website includes work he did on the Bishop Jugis Chapel at Belmont Abbey, as well as other places including St. Patrick. I'm not accusing Father Winslow of any wrongdoing but believe that the Diocese needs to be very transparent about this business relationship if the Diocese wants to have any credibility.

View the Ars Coeli website and read about Father Winslow's connection at

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