Breaking News: Monsignor West of the Charlotte Diocese has resigned

I've confirmed from multiple sources that Monsignor West, the long-serving chancellor of the Charlotte Diocese, submitted his resignation today, March 27.

The Diocese has made no statement yet regarding the resignation. It appears as if the Diocese is trying to get everyone to agree on a story before it makes any statement.

The resignation is long overdue, and I hope that other leadership will do the same.

I encourage any person who was abused by any priest who served in the Charlotte Diocese to contact the police department in the county in which they were abused.

I strongly discourage anyone from contacting the Charlotte Diocese about their abuse until after the survivor has first contacted the local police and also consulted with an attorney.

Even if the priest is deceased, your reports will help tell the truth about the Charlotte Diocese's sordid history and encourage other survivors of abuse to come forward.

I will be glad to assist you in any way, as well.

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