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For three decades, Charlotte attorney Seth Langson has helped sex-abuse victims successfully sue the people who had hurt them. Seth also advocates on the behalf of children, educates others on ways to prevent child sex abuse, and help sex-abuse victims and their families.


Seth's advocacy services include:

Public speaker - Seth welcomes the opportunity to speak to and collaborate with individuals and organizations seeking to learn more about NC law and ways they can help prevent sexual abuse.

Advice to nonprofits and groups that work with children - Seth advises nonprofits and groups that work with children on ways to strengthen their sex-abuse policies to provide more protection than required by NC law.

Legal consultation - Seth provides advice to attorneys who are handling sex-abuse cases.

Support for victims and their families - Director and past officer of Brave Step. The NC-based nonprofit seeks to inspire sex-abuse victims to take the "brave step" of getting help; educate the person, family and community on the effects of abuse; and provide personalized care that will help sex-abuse victims live a life free from the constraints of abuse. 

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